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What Are The Top Lies Men Tell Women?

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This is the kind of girl I am.

-I wear very little makeup. In fact, I only ever really wear eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. And on a few occasions here and there, eye shadow. I never use cover-up or concealer. I guess I just don’t see the point. I don’t like hiding my skin.

-I cry a lot at…

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Babae?Yung taong pinakamagaling mag deny. Grabe mag-inarte. Laging tamang hinala. Kung magselos, sobra at nakakapikon. Palaging praning. Kung manghuli tinalo pa ang pulis. Kapag may gustong malaman, tinalo pa ang imbestigador. Kung mag- alala kala mo siya nanay mo. Pero pag sila inibig mo ng tapat at minahal mo ng totoo. Gagawin ka nilang sentro ng buhay nila at guguho ang mundo nila sa sandaling iwan mo sila. At kahit ganyan sila, dapat silang mahalin, alagaan at wag na wag sasaktan. Dahil tayo boys, aminin man natin o hindi, sila yung tipo ng taong hinahanap-hanap natin at kukumpleto ng buhay natin.

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